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Insurance and Billing

The Surgical Center Billing

Thank you for choosing Bloomfield Surgicenter LLC for your procedure. We are committed to providing information to our patients, to protect them from receiving a surprise medical bill. We are making sure that we meet the requirements of New Jersey's new law.

While we have taken steps to fully comply with our requirements of patients, it is very important that healthcare consumers also consult their own health insurance plan. Only your health insurance plan can provide detailed information about your coverage and potential obligations for certain out-of-pocket costs. The contact information is on your insurance card.

Anesthesiologist Billing

You will receive a separate anesthesia bill. The anesthesia services are not included in the Surgical Center fee. The Anesthesia billing department will accommodate the patient by first billing the insurance company. However, any balance that is not covered by the insurance company will have to be met by the patient. Anesthesia Provider: Olena Medical New Jersey LLC 1255 Broad St, Suite 200 Bloomfield, NJ 973-842-2150

Surgeon Billing

The surgeon or surgeons will generate a charge for their services. Please contact your Physician directly about their network status with your particular health insurance plan.

Other Billing

There may be other bills that a patient can incur during surgery. These are ancillary services that may be utilized during your surgery. Examples of this are pathology fees, certain radiology fees and any special devices your surgeon may order for you to take home.
Insurance Plans We Accept
Our surgery center is dedicated to providing consumers with as much information as possible regarding potential healthcare costs. We have listed information on the insurers and providers the center participates in. It is important you contact your insurance company prior to receiving services or care. Each plan is different and some provide different levels of coverage that could make a difference in your out-of-pocket costs.

• Horizon NJ Health
• Qualcare
• Amerigroup
• Medicare

This list may not be comprehensive. For example, specialty insurers such as workers' compensation and personal injury protection ("PIP”) are not included because there are a number of different types of insurance products and we may not participate in all of them. If you do not see your plan listed on our website, we strongly recommend that you contact us or your health insurance plan to confirm whether your plan is in-network or out-of-network. In addition, the physicians who provide care within our center might not participate in the same insurance plans as the ASC. You should check with the physician who is arranging your healthcare services to see which insurance plans the physician participates in. You should also know that these healthcare professional(s)' costs are not included in the facility's charges. They will bill separately.
Other Care Providers
We work with other providers as part of your care. In addition to a bill from the facility and the physician, you may receive a bill from another provider, depending on the nature of your procedure.

Anesthesia Group

Olena Medical New Jersey LLC 1255 Broad St, Suite 200 Bloomfield, NJ 973-842-2150


Pathology Consultants (AKA Rahway Pathology) 865 Stone Street Rahway, NJ 07065 Phone: (732) 499-6139


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